Nov 2


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Well, as many of you have probably noticed, my site has been down for a while, you can check here for a short why.  But no matter, as soon as I got my blog back online, I noticed a lot of attention to the CSV to iCal pages, so I promise to pick up development on this again.  Please, leave comments below of what features you want to see.  I am especially considering reprogramming it in .NET and opening it up on bitbucket for public development.  Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think.  I am also considering allowing you to “subscribe” to the calendar so that you can supply a csv file available on the internet in the URL and have it always spit out the converted ics file without needing to actually see my site.  Let me know what you think.

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Nov 1

Back from the dead

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So after a really really freaking long time of being gone, it’s back. And I plan on updating all my projects since I know I left some of you hanging. I hope you can forgive me, but I started a new job, started a company at night so I can eventually quit the new job and I’ve been traveling like crazy for work. But, I’m back.

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Dec 29

iCal to CSV

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So I have finally taken the hint and began development of an iCal (ICS file) to CSV converter.  I am still in the planning stages right now and don’t expect it to come out for a while.  I hope to have a beta version out in a few weeks.  I am just trying to decide how to format the output of the CSV file.  ICS allows for a great number of complexities not easily converted to CSV.  Such things as recurring events are a big hurdle to overcome.  I will post updates as I make progress.


Dec 18

Long Time Coming iPhone Update

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So I have had my iPhone for almost a year now. I have never been more disappointed in a phone. While it is a great device, it does just about everything but be a phone. I miss at least 3 calls a day and I drop easily twice that.  This is horribly unacceptable.  I mean how can I conduct business if I cannot stay on the phone long enough to have a five minute conversation?

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Jan 15

iPhone Calendar and the Syncing Dilemma

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Having switched from Windows Mobile 6.1 to an iPhone I have found that many features are missing from the iPhone that most consider standard in Windows Mobile.  Like the ability for 3rd party applications to access the calendar.  The lack of this in the iPhone seems to be a big mistake on the part of Apple.  They want to push the iPhone as corporate friendly with their exchange support but in reality, it is lacking true corporate support. Read more

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